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What should have happened with the Affordable Health Care Act?

The government should have established a National Health Care Insurance Exchange that contains all the features outlined in the Affordable Health Care Act and left the insurance industry alone to do as it has been doing without imposing mandates as well as not having individual mandates.

This leaves individuals and businesses the choice of the NHCIE or the private insurance industry to purchase insurance from. The ability of individuals to get insurance due to pre existing conditions and the ability to get subsidized premiums at an affordable rate would have resulted in the 30 to 40 million uninsured flocking to the new exchange to get insurance. People who were happy with the private insurance they had would have been able to keep it. Also the existing doctors and hospitals would have not been disrupted. It would have left the choice to change if they wanted to.

The result would have been more competition and all would be according to the American Way.

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